The cultural scene of Latvia is lively and vibrant all year long. Next to Riga Jurmala Music Festival concerts, take time to explore exhibitions, museums and galleries, as well as events worth visiting this summer.


Cēsis Arts Festival: Visual Art Exhibition CLOSE-UP

The multimedia project tells about bright Latvian personalities in New York such as Svens Lukins, Maris Bishop, Vija Celmins and others who have left a huge impact on the history of world art. The exhibition is a story about how to become a cosmopolitan without losing yourself, and at the same time, it is a question or a reference point in the 21st century as an ongoing  topic of the national art in the global era.

Address: Cēsu laikmetīgās mākslas centrs, Raiņa iela 27, Cēsis


Kaido Ole. Dance at the Lonely Hearts Club

The title of the exhibition represents a reference to one of the Kaido Ole’s paintings, the implied notion of dance also provides a perfect metaphoric connection to Ole’s art in a broader context. These creatures – his art – is the process for self-reflection and self-observation.

Address: “Arsenāls” Exhibition Hall, Torņa iela 1, Rīga


RIXC Art and Science Festival: Contemporary media art exhibition “Green/Unmasked”

The exhibition will be the central event of the 2019 RIXC Art and Science Festival that will serve as an interdisciplinary platform for discussions about one of the most contradictory, paradoxical and multifaceted topics today, striving to thoroughly study and and show “the green” outside the usual conception.

Address: Latvian National Museum of Art, Jāņa Rozentāla laukums 1, Rīga


Latvian National Museum of Art

The collection of the largest art museum in Latvia comprises more than 52 thousand works by Baltic and Russian painters and sculptors. Moreover, the building of the Latvian National Museum of Art, which was reopened in 2016 after an extensive restoration, is a national architectural monument and is one of the most impressive historical buildings within the Riga avenue circle.

Address: Jaņa Rozentāla laukums 1, Rīga
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kim? Contemporary Art Centre

The name of Kim? is no less than an abbreviation of an insistent question of “what is art? (“kas ir māksla?” in Latvian). The contemporary art centre offers exhibitions, lectures, discussions, a library, publications and other events related to recent art, theory, social issues.

Address: Sporta iela 2 k-1, Rīga
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Zuzeum is a new, timely art centre of an international scale. At its core – Zuzāns’ family private collection, consisting of more than 5000 works of Latvian painting, graphic and applied art, sculpture, photography and video art from the late 19th century until today.

Address: Lāčplēša iela 101, Rīga

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Art Museum Riga Bourse

The Riga Bourse stores the largest collection of foreign art in the Baltic States. The collection was started by Riga’s council members, mayors and traders in the 19th century. The museum has 4 permanent exhibitions: Egyptian mummy, Northern European School of Painting, Porcelain and its collectors in Riga and Oriental Art.

Address: Doma laukums 6, Rīga
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National Museum of Art exhibition space “Arsenāls”

“Arsenāls” is the most spacious art exhibition hall in Riga, which hosts major art exhibitions, international projects and a variety of art and culture events revealing the development of the Latvian visual arts. It is located in a significant architectural monument – an early 19th century customs warehouse or arsenal, representing the late Russian Classicism style.

Address: Torņa iela 1, Rīga
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Art station Dubulti
This is the only modern art space in Europe that is located in a functioning railway station. The Dubulti Art Station is an excellent example of how to combine transport, cultural and public administration resources to make a unique art platform accessible to everyone.

Address: Zigfrīda Meierovica prospekts 3, Jūrmala
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Jūrmala City Museum

The Jūrmala City Museum tells its visitors the story of Jūrmala’s beginnings as a resort town, as well as its development from the end of the 19th century until today. This season’s newcomer is the permanent exhibition ‘Children at the Resort’, which uses photographs, games, toys and books to evoke memories of childhood.

Address: Tirgoņu iela 29, Jūrmala
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Kalnciema Quarter Market, Street Food & Concerts

Market. Latvian origin produced bio foods, creations of local artists, designers and artisans- which could not be found on the shelves of supermarket (every Saturday, 10:00 – 16:00).

Street Food Festival. More than 15 Riga restaurants and stalls meet at the Street Food Festival in Kalnciema Quarter. This year we pay special attention to sustainability and reduction of food waste, as well as introducing to you small, authentic Riga’s restaurants (every Wednesday, 18:00 – 23:00).

Concerts. Since 2010, every Thursday evening, from May until September, the courtyard surrounded by wooden buildings hosts open-air concerts of popular bands and emerging stars from Latvia and other countries (every Thursday, 19:00 – 23:00).

Address: Kalnciema iela 35, Rīga