April 3, 2019

FBO RIGA Joins Festival Supporters

We are pleased to announce that we have begun working with FBO RIGA. The RĪGA JŪRMALA Music Festival has set a goal to become a high-quality destination for cultural tourism in Northern Europe. One of the aims in organising the festival is to give visitors the best experience at all levels.

“Latvia is a small country, so it is particularly important to collaborate with the best professionals in each industry. FBO RIGA’s business aviation centre has been recognised as the best in Europe, and we are pleased about this collaboration,” emphasizes Zane Čulkstēna, Executive Director of the Festival.

“It is great that the cultural life of Latvia and Europe has received such a wonderful gift as the RĪGA JŪRMALA Music Festival. It will undoubtedly become a significant event for all lovers of beautiful, everlasting music. We are greatly honoured to become the official partner of the RĪGA JŪRMALA Music Festival, and we will offer its guests the full range of business aviation services,” adds Romāns Starkovs, the co-owner of FBO RIGA.

FBO RIGA is part of the Flight Consulting Group holding company which has worked in business aviation service at Riga Airport for more than 19 years. FBO RIGA has been recognised as the best Fixed Base Operator in Europe, winning the prestigious Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Award.