Masterclasses for Strings & Winds

From July 18 to July 21 leading musicians of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra  will give masterclasses at JVLMA to promising young musicians from Latvia, Baltics and other countries, sharing their knowledge, skills and professional experience. All participants of the masterclasses will be invited to the performances of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra in Riga and Jurmala, as well as to social gatherings with the orchestra’s musicians in non-formal settings.

The experienced organizer of masterclasses, member of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra violins section and Head of the Strings Department of JVLMA, associated professor Terēze Zīberte-Ijaba comments the collaboration opportunity with the exceptional artists of the BRSO: “These masterclasses provide a unique opportunity to musicians and audiences alike to acquire unforgettable experience together with the leading artists of the BRSO, to learn and to find answers to essential artistic questions, whilst enjoying the professional excellence of the BRSO artists at close-range, drawing inspiration from the truly wonderful artists.

The Head of the Winds Department of JVLMA, saxophonist Ainars Šablovskis says: “I am very glad that we will have an exclusive opportunity to host the masterclasses of such highly recognized musicians, but I am equally happy that we will have a chance to show to the wind players of the BRSO as well as to our international colleagues the talents and dedication of our young, promising students. Musicians cannot exist in the contemporary market of classical music without collaboration and contacts between musicians and musical collectives. I am certain that the contacts acquired during these masterclasses will help many young, aspiring wind players to achieve the aims of their professional careers.

The masterclasses will be led by:
Tobias Steymans and Julita Smoleń, BRSO principal violins,
Lionel Cottet, BRSO principal cello,
Heinrich Braun, double bass,
Philippe Boucly, BRSO principal flute,
Natalie Schwaabe, BRSO piccolo flute,
Carsten Carey Duffin, solo French hornists