Tickets for all of the Festival’s concerts can be purchased through the official Festival website. Tickets will go on sale on November 20th on the official Festival website: www.riga-jurmala.com.




The ticket sale platform on www.riga-jurmala.com was created in collaboration with international ticket sales platform www.pretix.eu. The official ticket merchant is SIA “RJMF EVENTS”.


Below are some frequently asked questions about ticket sales


When will tickets for the new season of the Festival go on sale?

The programme for the 2020 season of the Rīga Jūrmala classical music festival was announced on November 4th. Tickets will go on sale on November 20th on the official Festival website: www.riga-jurmala.com


Are tickets only available online? 

Ticket pre-sales will take place online on the official Festival website www.riga-jurmala.com, in the “Tickets” section. During this time, anyone will be able to purchase tickets at a special price with a 30% discount (applies to tickets priced from 25 EUR).


What ticket sale platform does the Festival use?  

To provide a better experience for our clients, we will be offering ticket sales through our official website, www.riga-jurmala.com, for the new season.  The creation of the ticket sale platform on the Festival website was done in collaboration with international ticket sales platform www.pretix.eu.


Where will I be able to buy tickets for the new season of the Festival?

Tickets for the new season of the Festival will be available for purchase online on the official Festival website www.riga-jurmala.com, as well as at certain box offices in Riga starting in December.


How much do the tickets cost?  

To ensure maximum availability to a varied audience, tickets to evening concerts at the Latvian National Opera and the Great Hall of the Dzintari Concert Hall will cost between 15 and 190 Euro, while daytime concerts at the Great Guild (Riga) and the Small Hall of the Dzintari Concert Hall will cost between 10 and 45 Euro.


Will there be any special discounts?

Students and pensioners will receive a 20% discount when they show valid identification. The Festival will also offer a 20% discount to all involved in classical music (students, teachers, professors) using a special discount code sent to classical music and educational institutions individually.

Bearing in mind that a 30% discount applies to everyone during the pre-sale period, the above discounts will not apply during this period.


How do I buy tickets online?

On the Festival website, when selecting a specific concert, you will be offered the chance to buy a ticket online at www.riga-jurmala.com. To make a purchase, you will be asked to enter your contact details and indicate your preferred ticket category, seats and amount. If you qualify for a discount, you will be asked to enter your discount type (senior or student ticket) or your special discount code.

After you have made your purchase, your ticket will be sent to your email as a PDF and smartphone e-ticket.


How will buying a ticket at a box office work? 

In trying to provide a modern, digital experience, Festival visitors are first invited to consider purchasing an electronic ticket. Those who wish to receive a physical ticket will be able to apply for this from December through the Festival website ticket platform at an additional cost, or purchase one at one of our Riga box offices, which will open in December.


Will I be able to print my ticket?

During the pre-sale period, ticket sales must be made online at a special price, while box office sales will take place at locations in Riga from December. Customers can print out their e-tickets themselves, or at box offices from December.


Do I have to print out my ticket for the concert?

At the moment of purchase, a unique code is generated for each ticket, with additional security features for printed tickets. On the day of the concert, Festival organisers invite the audience to use the e-ticket on your smartphone (passbook), or a printed ticket.


How do I print my e-ticket?

You will receive your e-ticket as a PDF (Portable Document Format) document. When printing, it makes no difference whether you use a colour or black and white printer, but please remember that the text and OR code on your e-ticket must be clearly readable and visible. A partially-printed e-ticket is viewed as invalid.


Can I buy a gift card?

The Festival organisers invite you to treat your family, friends and colleagues this Christmas with a gift card to any of the Festival’s concerts. Gift cards are available in 50 EUR and 100 EUR amounts. You can also choose a different amount by selecting “create gift card”.


Can I receive a physical ticket by post?  



Can I reserve Festival tickets?

Individuals purchasing fewer than 10 tickets cannot reserve a ticket. Meanwhile, those purchasing more than 10 can reserve their tickets for up to 7 working days in writing through tickets@riga-jurmala.com.


Can I return Festival tickets?

Tickets cannot be returned, unless the event is cancelled or rescheduled, in accordance with Latvian law. SIA “RJMF EVENTS” only refunds the face value of the tickets, and does not pay any compensation for losses incurred due to the cancellation or rescheduling of events.


Where can I ask any other questions?

For any other questions regarding tickets, their purchase, reservation, prices or any other questions, please contact tickets@riga-jurmala.com or call +371 27770010.